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Got some 311~~Soundsystem on!

Funny my little nephew came up to me while playing this and he said I like the "Come Original" song. It is one of their better ones. Still die hard 311. I almost crave them like meat and potato's lol. Well happy listening!


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A little evening time social D!

I have been enthralled by this band since my "little" nephew turned me on to them. I love Mike Ness' and his style hits home. Reminds me of growing up and the pains and trials I had to go through. I am have since grew up a little still like to reminisce. I think I should try to see them in concert too. I would dig a show.

Welcome to my project!

Just as any project needs a design so does The Black Box Projects. 

Okay the introduction is something like this...'Just as darkness always gives way to light so does the black box projects.  Darkness giving way to light allows us to see features of what that darkness hide.  So as I strive to bring more definition into lives, I will be diligent to make sure that as this project opens all benefit from it's discovery. 

I hope everyone touched by this site helps it grow into something that helps all!

DWDNet --- the Enterprise of darkness to vivid light!

David J. Galich
Feeling like I am starting again to open up to life in all her glory.  As I look through today's battles I search for the light.  Always starts the day off and finishes it off.  So light is the greatest assest to a struggle.  May today bring in a new station of life!
David J. Galich

Morning Meditations

Thinking of all the things I have on my plate right now and feeling that it is all good. I like to wake up to meditation music helps to clear yesterdays garbage. When I find the peace that is when I start my day. Sometimes just letting your mind wander is the best to figure out where you have to change things up. Think it and be it!