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Showing posts from September, 2017

I can transform you!

I love that song it is something that has a base meaning for me.  I think that music has alot of trscendental properties.  I am not sure anyone can truly understand why music does this although it is a mystery to us all.

Protesting a sit in

I am not going on a hunger strike though.  When I start this project of mine I am going to sit myself down to build my website and begin the construction part.  I am hoping that I can find some neat people to join in and gives us some good tunes...standby!

Toolband kibd of morning

I have listened to the tool band since I was a child.  I loved going down to Newport Beach with it cranking in my car.  I think their new works symbolize change and new sounds.  Sounds like music to my ears.Thx David Galich