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Billie knows the way to go!

A little 311 for you! Yeah I have always been enthralled by Billie Holiday, she is iconic of the blues and jazz. I still do not know how to describe how her music makes me feel. I love to listen to Billie Holiday when I am stressed by life and love. Little anecdote I always thought she was white. Billie's voice is just so full of passion and her songs so sweet. If I had a time machine and could go back in time to meet anyone it would be Billie Holiday. Keep it blue Billie! Simply Enthralled

Listen to some suggestions.

I have some blues and jazz influence from a young age. I liked to blues artists like B.B. King and well as a jazz musician name Billy Holiday. If you do not know these people they are big numbers in music. I was saddened by B.B. King's death and the drama that ensued. Billy Holiday was a little beyond my day but none the less influential. Keep rocking in the free world.

A little evening time social D!

I have been enthralled by this band since my "little" nephew turned me on to them. I love Mike Ness' and his style hits home. Reminds me of growing up and the pains and trials I had to go through. I am have since grew up a little still like to reminisce. I think I should try to see them in concert too. I would dig a show.