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Listen to some suggestions.

I have some blues and jazz influence from a young age. I liked to blues artists like B.B. King and well as a jazz musician name Billy Holiday. If you do not know these people they are big numbers in music. I was saddened by B.B. King's death and the drama that ensued. Billy Holiday was a little beyond my day but none the less influential. Keep rocking in the free world.


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A little evening time social D!

I have been enthralled by this band since my "little" nephew turned me on to them. I love Mike Ness' and his style hits home. Reminds me of growing up and the pains and trials I had to go through. I am have since grew up a little still like to reminisce. I think I should try to see them in concert too. I would dig a show.

Welcome to my project!

Just as any project needs a design so does The Black Box Projects. 

Okay the introduction is something like this...'Just as darkness always gives way to light so does the black box projects.  Darkness giving way to light allows us to see features of what that darkness hide.  So as I strive to bring more definition into lives, I will be diligent to make sure that as this project opens all benefit from it's discovery. 

I hope everyone touched by this site helps it grow into something that helps all!

DWDNet --- the Enterprise of darkness to vivid light!

David J. Galich
Feeling like I am starting again to open up to life in all her glory.  As I look through today's battles I search for the light.  Always starts the day off and finishes it off.  So light is the greatest assest to a struggle.  May today bring in a new station of life!
David J. Galich

Billie knows the way to go!

A little 311 for you! Yeah I have always been enthralled by Billie Holiday, she is iconic of the blues and jazz. I still do not know how to describe how her music makes me feel. I love to listen to Billie Holiday when I am stressed by life and love. Little anecdote I always thought she was white. Billie's voice is just so full of passion and her songs so sweet. If I had a time machine and could go back in time to meet anyone it would be Billie Holiday. Keep it blue Billie! Simply Enthralled