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How difficult could it be?

I am definitely going forth with my idea of creating the perfect site for people interested in making art pieces weather it be music or other media.  Just a place to post and share your thoughts and works.  Also to get some avenues to open for those that want to share their pieces.

Damn trying to get my site up!

Trying to work up capital to get my artists site up.  It's been a ruff ride but I think I can do it once I get the ball rolling and I meaning rolling.  It will be rad a place to talk of art and the flow of music we hear.  I think I'll put extra effort into this and has been a long time in the work up.  Hope I can make it fly.  Peace!

First listen --311 Mosaic

311 starts like and hard rocking funk.  I like their music so much and kind of envy them for living that dream.  I think 311 music made it's place in my heart.  The Mosaic album is really neat...I can remember when they asked for three eleven photos of the crew!  311~~ON!