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Some tool band --- SHARPEN -- the tool

I have listen to tool since my early days in high school. I really came to love their work. I feel like their new stuff blows away the dust of getting old. Needless to say seen them mature in their art. I used to love to ride waves after a good drive to Newport beach and some tool on the radio. It is almost like the music is now a part of them. I still need to find my melody that moves me along. PEACE.

Laying some tracks.

Downloaded audacity and finding it pretty easy to work with. Got a cool spot at to download loops. Still just toying with the site. Looking forward to putting some more down. You can find them over under my profile. I hope you find some of this useful. PEACE

WAR DOGS -- Heard it is based on a true story.

Yeah that movie was the shit. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I heard that it is based on a true story although I do not know. It was really well written and made me feel some exhilaration during the viewing. It would be a must see if you like thrill movies. Much better than the Nicholas Cage movie. Enjoy!

The line ~~ VoLcOm band

I had the pleasure once of meeting a up and coming star from the Volcom Stone band 'the line'. Rich Kaiser the bassist from the line was a cool cat. I meet Rich at 5150 snowboards which was a daughter company to my fathers Thermal Structures Inc. I really did not talk to him much although kind of stumbled on to who he was which was strange although cool. I had a good time working at that company and wish I would have been more open to others at the time. Come on I was a punk only wanted my friends and that was it. I have since learned to love everyone with a kind heart. Not too tough of a lesson.