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The journey.

As we journey through life we become as we want to be.  Our free will when not imposed on another will set our soul free.  Remember life is a journey not a destination.

Musi and its influence!

I know we have all had that song stuck in our heads.   I even got to the point when I would be at a certain spot I would hear the same song in my head.   Really was an eye opener to be in the same spot and to recall what I heard.   Music is expression and without it life would be pretty dull.   I would like to hear more of what you think on Musi.   Leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

Ron Becks "Overcoming the odds"

This story of making it in the movie industry is a must.   I am going to be at the Whitney Library in Las Vegas to view Ron Becks' journey of making as a movie producer.   Afterwards a meet and great reception.   Thursday June 7 @7:00pm
5175 E.  Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas Nevada 89122

This Cursed Universe

Not one to believe in curses but 311 has that mystical aura about them.  One of my favorite bands of all time.  If you got one three eleven song in mind let me know because I think a whole volume can be written on thier music.